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Fusion machine
Brand:ATL; Model:BMA-III; Fusion time:16s-80s; Fusing temperature:200℃-400℃

Digital control drilling machi
Brand:QH; Model:XF4000-6D; Drill hole precision:±0.30mm; Resetting:±0.002mm; Movement setting:±0.005mm

PTH line
Brand:ZSHC; Electroplate position:dip plating; PTH type:plated through hole

Pre-treatment line
Brand:FLX; Model:WB-600; Board thickness:0.5mm-3.5mm; Capacity:200㎡/H

Film stripping and etching lin
Brand:ZSHC; Model:GE-SK48; Work-piece thichness:0.2mm-3.5mm Temperature:35℃-55℃

Automatic pattern plating line
Brand:HL; Minimum hole diameter:0.2mm; Volume of plating tank:2300mm*1100mm*1000mm

Precise development machine
Brand:SY; Minimum work-piece:150mm*150mm; Maximum work-piece:600mm*any size; work-piece thichness:0.4mm-3.5mm

Dry lamination machine
Brand:ZSHC; Model:GE-D650; Laminating width:240mm-610mm; Laminating temperature:50℃-150℃

Rinsing&grinding line for fini
Brand:JCW; Model:MB-03X; Maximum work-piece:600mm*any size

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