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What is double-sided board?
Double-sided board is super thin printed circuit board, printed wiring board, special printed circuit board, flexible PCB, soft board, flexible wiring circuit board, aluminum based board etc.
There are wires on both side of double-sided boards, but needs suitable circuits to connect the wires on the surface of both sides if you want to make use of those wires; such bridge that connect both sides called via. Via is a hole that drilled in PCB and coated with metal, it can connect with circuits on both surfaces. As double-sided board is larger than single-sided board, and its wires can interlace and wind to another side; it is more suitable for more complex electric circuits than single-sided board.
Strictly speaking, double-sided board is very important among circuit boards, it is widely used in electronic fields. And it is easy to figure out whether a board is a double-sided board or not base on our knowledge. Double-side board is the extension of single-sided board, which means the wires on single-sided board is not enough that we need to add it on the other side; another important feature of double-sided board is that it has via hole. In brief, there are wires on both sides of double-sided boards. In a word, the boards that have wires on both sides are double-sided boards. Well other friends may ask, "the board has wires on both sides but only has electronic parts on one side, whis board is single-sided or double-sided board?" The answer is obvious that is double-sided board; just because we inserted some parts on the laminate. 
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